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Delivering confidence for your AI projects

We achieve best-in-class data quality by mandating consensus and high worker accuracy.
Our 2M+ workers generate tens of millions of labels every day with high accuracy.
We provide multiple secure service offerings, including secure, remote contractors, on-premise solutions, and ISO 27001 / ISO 9001 accredited secure facilities.
With deep expertise planning and recruiting to meet a variety of uses cases for our clients, we can quickly ramp up new projects in new markets.
Our automated task routing and globally distributed workforce allows us to offer the most cost-effectivesolution on the market.
Efficiently scale large and multiple data pipelines to realize the impact of AI/ML projects.
Operational excellence to provide extreme flexibility on quality and annotation requirements.
Technology Enabled
ML-powered annotation tooling and quality assurance systems deliver high quality at low cost.

Our products

How it works

Human powered machine checked data

After sending us your data via API call, our platform; through a combination of human work and review, smart tools, statistical confidence checks and machine learning checks; returns scalable, accurate ground truth data.

Convolute Platform

Use cases

We use AI to turn data into actionable insights and help companies save tens of millions of dollars annually.

Logo identification
Detect logos in images and videos to monitor and monetize your visual content.
User content flagging
Automatically and quickly remove inappropriate content to keep your online communities safe and healthy.
Brand safety monitoring
Ensure your advertisements aren’t displayed next to unsavory content.
Receipt parsing
Identify key receipt information such as price, date, item name, and total cost.
Ad identification
Identify advertisements in video content to understand exposure of specific ad spots.
Meeting transcription
Automatically transcribe speeches, conversations, and meetings.
Contextual ad delivery
Automatically analyze video content to deliver highly relevant ad spots to viewers.
Planogram compliance
Automatically identify misaligned products on retail displays.

“Imagine a future where mobility is truly for all. Regardless of physical faculties, age, or income, you can participate in this world because technology has progressed to enable you to move as you want.”

David Garber
Product Manager, TRI

“When I think about what Convolute brings to the table, it comes down to machine learning expertise. Convolute has a team of very talented engineers who really understand the problems in training machine learning models, of data annotation, and of data quality.”